Healthy Lifestyle Summer School Parents

Dear Parents,

Thank you very much for your interest and thank you for filling out the registration from! We will answer you within 24 hours!

In case you haven’t registered yet, please do it here now:
Please, write all we need to know about your child and ask all your questions in the comment section!

We work with children as this is what we love to do! When we are with kids we give them absolute focus, so we can’t check emails, make phone calls, etc. This is how we will take care of your daughter or son!

At the same time we wish to inform all the parents and be available to answer questions, handle all related to your child.

Therefore we provide weekly group ZOOM meeting for parents. Every Thursday 17:30-18:00. (time may changes later)
Join here:

In case you have a personal task to talk about, we provide the opportunity to book a One On One ZOOM meeting. Please click here to book the best time for you in my calendar.

Kindest regards,
Bela Grundmann