It is important that you get the appropriate tools as soon as you have decided to become a Business Partner.

The EQOLOGY Ultimate Kit  includes:

  • 1x Premium Box:
    • 2x Pure Arctic Oil
    • 1x Measuring Utensil
  • 1x Pure Arctic Oil For Kids
  • 1x Pure Vegan Oil
  • 12x Omega-3 Tests
  • 4x Vitamin K2+D3 Tests
  • 2x 15x Pure Arctic Oil Orange Sachets á 10 ml
  • 1x Vanilla Shake
  • 1x Chocolate Shake
  • 1x Pure Vegan Shake
  • 2x K2+D3
  • 1x Essential (2x 880 ml)
  • 1x Anti Age Collagen
  • 12x Magazines
  • 6x Start Up
  • 12x First Look
    + 2x Nordic Energy Booster (4 boxes)
    + 2x Pure Artic Oil Gold

Welcome to the team and congratulations on your decision to become a Business Partner!


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