Eqology Strategy 2022

Mission: Promoting a healthy lifestyle with the aid of digital transformation

Personal Goal: Qualify as Platinum President latest 30. September 2022

Borre Gjersvik first visit to Malta
+ Waiting for follow up meeting
– Base in Malta, shipping management
– Milan, Italy event March 2022, Marilda
– Riga, Latvia event ASAP, Diana

HIGH PRIORITY GOAL 1: Build Your List Of People To Talk To!!! Focus on all Eqology Countries!!!

How To Share Business Opportunity Presentation
– https://belagrundmann.com/opportunity?wemail=YourProspectEmail

HIGH PRIORITY GOAL 2: Design regular Health Events in Malta!!!
– 9 and 16 December, Thursday 18:00-19:30 at DEA. Please invite your candidates!
– Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/281700927306008

Next meeting 8th January, Saturday 14:00 as the first Saturday is 1st January 2022
– Coming: Health Mastermind. Membership and affiliate. Marketing and educational tool, with extra income potential.

Team Calendar click here

Important links to use:
– EQ Academy https://eqology.web.motimateapp.com/signin/eqology Can you log in?
– Business Opportunity Presentation click here
– Customer Presentation click here
– Health Event Presentation click here
– EQ Health Conversations https://lifestyleprocoach.com
– ZOOM link for one on one and group meetings https://belagrundmann.com/zoom
– Please book the best time for you in my calendar here https://belagrundmann.com/vipbooking
+ Product presentation by Børre Gjersvik
EQ Børre Gjersvik Pure arctic Oil PAO (lifestyleprocoach.com)
EQ Børre Gjersvik K2+D3 Vitamin (lifestyleprocoach.com)
EQ Børre Gjersvik Nordic Energy Booster (lifestyleprocoach.com)

Best practices for building your business

The “DEA Model” 4. December 2021 Team Meeting
+ Beauty salon with client base and physical location
+ Design strategy
– Allison Customer to Business Partner
+ Build relationship
– Weekly visit to handle time management challenges
+ Focus on Digital Transformation
https://deamalta.com for DEA services, brand
– For Eqology https://deamalta.com/eqology
– Coming next https://deamalta.com/eqology/pao-collagen
– Links to Allison’s customer account