Coach nutrition remotely with total confidence—and help your clients achieve lasting change.



Coach nutrition remotely with total confidence—and help your clients achieve lasting change.

With ProCoach’s all-in-one digital platform—complete with photo food journals, instant messaging, and mobile app—PN’s research-backed nutrition coaching curriculum is ready to be delivered to your clients remotely (the way PN’s been coaching for over 15 years).

At a glance, here’s what coaching online with ProCoach will do for you:

  • Step into total coaching confidence: Get started with the habit-based nutrition coaching you learned in the PN Certification right away. No more trying to piece it all together on your own. You focus on coaching. We’ll give you the tools you need to shine.
  • Establish instant credibility: ProCoach’s software + curriculum has been proven to work over 15 years, with 100,000 clients. Now you can use this same system with your clients.
  • Experience next-level efficiency: Collect and manage key client data—including goals, food intake, pictures, measurements, and progress reports—all from the convenience of one easy-to-use online platform.
  • Get the coaching career you’ve always wanted: Break free from the limits of in-person coaching, and serve clients whenever and however it suits you: In-person, online, or both.

“After learning about habit-based coaching in the PN Certification, I knew it was the key to everything I wanted… I just wasn’t sure how to put all the pieces together.” –Jeremy, ProCoach User

Focusing on nutrition is often the most important and effective step in helping people get real, lasting results. As a PN student, you know that already.

And now, armed with the new skills and knowledge you acquired in the PN Certification, maybe you’re ready to take your coaching to the next level—and experience what it’s like to have a successful and rewarding career.

But maybe the anxiety of “what to do next” has you stuck. Maybe piecing every single thing you learned about habit-based nutrition coaching is starting to feel… overwhelming.

We get it. Especially when you have to:

  • Decide which nutrition skills to teach—and how to deliver them at the right time for the biggest impact.
  • Figure out how to provide nutrition content to clients in an organized, professional, user-friendly format.
  • Know what metrics to track for client progress, how to track them—and how to keep track of them.

That’s when the self doubt starts to creep in. That’s when you start to question…

Do I really have what it takes? What if I let my clients down?

Nothing feels worse than sitting on a GOLDMINE of opportunity… while lacking the tools and confidence needed to leverage the impact it could offer.

That’s something no passionate health and fitness professional should ever have to experience.

What if you had a program you can rely on? A system to keep you and your clients on track… day after day… month after month… whether you’re working with 10 clients or 100?

So you can know—without a doubt—that you’re doing the best for your clients.

So you can feel confident that you can effectively coach clients through the transformation process, and make a real impact on their lives.

That’s where ProCoach comes in.

Your next step: Turn what you learned in the PN Certification into better client results—and a stronger, more profitable business.

Part client-management software, part habit-based coaching curriculum, ProCoach provides all the tools you need to unlock your coaching potential and guide clients to sustainable, life-changing transformations.

Through the innovative digital platform, you can create custom nutrition programs, manage key client data, monitor progress, and connect directly with clients through integrated messaging and photo food journaling.

Then, through the practice of small, strategic daily actions, the ProCoach curriculum will guide your clients to total body transformation, one step at a time.ProCoach handles all of the day-to-day tech needs of your coaching business, so you can focus on connecting with clients and providing the support they need to get awesome results.

Guide your clients to BIG changes in health and body composition by helping them take small daily actions.

Here’s how it works:

When you enroll a client in ProCoach, they will automatically receive daily email or in-app notifications that guide them through a collection of progressive nutrition and lifestyle practices.

Each practice is supported by strategic, done-for-you resources that deepen learning and help clients integrate these practices seamlessly into their lifestyle over time, and lead to life-transforming changes in health and body composition.

While ProCoach comes with a default nutrition coaching curriculum—the same one we’ve used successfully with over 100,000 PN clients—you can also customize the curriculum, if desired.

The result is a structured, systematic process to help your clients achieve incredible results—ready for you to tailor specifically to their unique goals and needs.Backed by 15 years of research and proven with over 100,000 clients, ProCoach is the most rigorously researched, developed, and tested nutrition coaching system ever created.

And here’s what really sets the ProCoach curriculum apart:

Not only does it help you teach clients how to eat well, it also takes a “whole-person, whole-life” approach.

As a coach, you work with real people, dealing with real situations, who have to overcome real struggles with change, like:

  • Living without the guilt and shame that can come with believing some foods are “good”, and others are “bad.”
  • Finding self worth in something other than body image.
  • Staying consistent on their absolute worst days—not just their best days—by overcoming the limits of willpower.

Using the latest discoveries in behavioral-change psychology, ProCoach’s revolutionary “deep health” curriculum helps your clients develop the mental and emotional skills they need to overcome challenges like these—and thrive in all aspects of life.

When you integrate this method of deep health coaching with your clients, everything changes…

… Instead of falling off the wagon like every time before… they’ll be able to stay consistent and achieve longer-lasting results. 

… Instead of losing weight only to gain it back again… they’ll be able to lose weight sustainably. That means no more yo-yo dieting. Ever.

… Instead of feeling “stuck” in limiting beliefs that rob them of self confidence… they’ll develop the skills they need to boldly take on whatever life throws their way.  

That’s good for them.

Their results will translate into glowing reviews, lots of referral business, and an invaluable sense of career fulfillment.

That’s good for you.

Your job: Flex those “coach muscles.”

People rarely change with information alone. That’s where you come in.

ProCoach will provide the all-in-one platform you need to create world-class nutrition programs, track progress, and connect with clients. But your ability to build a strong coach-client relationship and personalize the experience will be the true catalyst for change.Clients can provide daily check-ins, access resources, connect with you via instant message and more through a desktop browser or the mobile app for Apple or Android.

So go ahead, put those “client-centered” coaching superpowers into action.

Provide accountability. Give support when obstacles arise. And pour out encouragement to build a powerful (and potentially long-lasting) relationship.

With your coaching support, your clients will develop the everyday skills they need to eat well for life.

That’s the power of ProCoach—the only platform in the world that provides the nutrition coaching software and a proven habit-based curriculum to help you deliver jaw-dropping transformations that last.

Become unstoppable: Unlock your coaching potential and take your business to the next level.

(ProCoach has the tools to make it happen.)

Get the client data you need to provide world-class nutrition coaching—all in one convenient location. 

From your dashboard, you can quickly access important client data (including goals, measurements, lifestyle, and pictures) and see exactly where each of your clients are at in their program.

Daily Check-Ins give you constant insight into client progress, so you can anticipate what they need—before they even ask. And the ProCoach Food Journal allows clients to easily snap pictures of their meals, and add optional notes on how much they ate and how they felt.

Armed with the real story of your clients’ day-to-day experience, you’re able to make quality decisions about how to progress them through their program and provide the support they need to stay on track.

Provide personalized nutrition programming.

Adjust the order that habits are presented to a client, and turn habits “on” or “off” to create a more custom experience.

Through a comprehensive intake questionnaire, you’ll discover each client’s goals, nutritional challenges, food intake, exercise, and stress.

You can use this deep insight to adjust the order that habits are presented to a client, and turn habits “on” or “off” to create a more custom experience. As a result, they’ll learn the right skill, at the right time—and continue progressing toward their goals without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Not to mention: A personalized program shows your clients proof that you get them, and their lifestyle—and that goes a long way toward building trust and respect.

Build stronger connections with your clients.

With ProCoach, engaging clients has never been easier. Send direct messages, emojis, GIFs, file attachments, and images through our integrated platform.

The better you get to know each of your clients—their priorities, values, and areas of struggle—the more you’re able to provide the coaching they need, want, and deserve.

Not only does this feel great, it means good business, too. Satisfied clients stick around longer. And a supported client will be happy to recommend you to everyone they know.

Get the coaching career you’ve always wanted. 

Whether you’re looking to get started—or get ahead—with nutrition coaching, ProCoach allows you to structure your business on your terms and serve clients whenever and however it suits you: In-person, online, or both.

By removing the need to meet in-person, you can increase both the quality of coaching you provide, the number of clients you can coach, and add a highly scalable profit stream to your business.

Save loads of time.

Your days of cobbling together spreadsheets and scouring multiple communication platforms to find important client conversations are behind you.

By automatically delivering Precision Nutrition’s proven curriculum and providing a single platform where you can create nutrition programs, connect with clients, and track progress, ProCoach creates space to spend more time doing the coaching stuff you love most.

The support you need for success, every step of the way.

Join Precision Nutrition’s in-house Supercoaches and 3,000+ ProCoach users in our exclusive Facebook community. Here you can get answers, offer support, troubleshoot specific coaching scenarios, and share your excitement—all in an awesome and supportive environment.

Also included: The ProCoach Learning Center. Through a searchable database of articles and instructional guides covering everything from how to set up your business model, to step-by-step instructions for using the software and curriculum (and a whole lot more), the Learning Center has you covered.

Is ProCoach right for you?

ProCoach is not for you if:

X You just want to coach exercise.

We all know the importance of exercise. But at best, exercise makes up 2-5 hours per week of your clients’ time—and that alone won’t lead to the dramatic, life-changing results they truly want and deserve. With that said, if you’re just looking to coach exercise, there are plenty of platforms out there to help you do that, but ProCoach probably isn’t for you.

X You’re looking for a meal plan generator or a calorie-counting app.

Over the years we’ve learned something the hard way: Meal plans and restrictive eating simply aren’t useful or sustainable for the vast majority of clients. These methods (and others like them) fail to take your clients’ lifestyle, needs, or readiness into consideration. As you learned in the PN Certification, most people don’t need more “rules”, and it’s not enough to just tell them “what” to do—your clients need help developing healthy habits, in a way that fits into their everyday lives.

X You’re already rockin’ a reliable, scalable, and automated nutrition coaching system.

If you’ve already found a way to provide habit-based nutrition programs that deliver life-changing results… if you’re already effortlessly managing key client data and tracking progress… and if you’re confident you can continue to grow your business without working more hours or spending tons of extra time on admin tasks that steal you away from what you do best… then rock on. You probably don’t need ProCoach.

ProCoach is for you if:

 You’re ready to get started—or get ahead—by coaching nutrition.

ProCoach is the only nutrition coaching platform in the world that provides the client management software and a proven habit-based curriculum to help you take your business to the next level. So if you recognize the importance of nutrition—and you’re looking for a proven system to help you deliver the habit-based methodology you learned in the PN Certification—then ProCoach was made for you.

 You want to help your clients build the habits they need for real, lasting change. 

Rather than relying on one-size-fits all meal plans or restrictive dieting, ProCoach uses a habit-based nutrition and lifestyle curriculum that helps your clients develop the skills they need to eat well for life. With your guidance and support, these small daily practices will add up to massive changes in health and body composition. You’ll look like a rockstar coach—and experience the fulfillment that comes with knowing you had such an incredible impact on your clients’ lives.

 You want a proven system that helps you coach more people, more effectively, in less time—in person, online, or both. 

Whether you’re just getting started, or you have an existing client roster you’d like to offer nutrition coaching to, ProCoach has you covered. Finally, you can create custom nutrition programs, track progress, and manage key client data—all from the convenience of one easy-to-use online platform. Allowing you to break free from the limits of 1:1 coaching and scale your business almost effortlessly.

Gain instant credibility—and know you’re backed by the world’s most effective nutrition coaching platform.

ProCoach is the only nutrition coaching platform in the world with a habit-based curriculum that’s been peer-reviewed in 3 scientific journals, and software that’s been road-tested with over 100,000 clients.

Thanks to the data from our ProCoach users, and the scrutiny of our scientific reviewers, we can say with confidence: It works. 

And now, you can make this approach work for you—and your clients.

Want proof? Here are some before and after photos of ProCoach clients.

What ProCoach users are saying…

Coach nutrition with total confidence—using the world’s most effective and reliable platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use ProCoach to coach clients online?

A: Absolutely. ProCoach was originally built for our in-house coaching team to work with our own clients, exclusively online. Over the past 15 years, we’ve coached over 100,000 clients, 100% remotely, using the ProCoach platform. You can use this software to coach clients however you’d like: In-person, online, or both.

Q: Is there a mobile app?

A: Yes, there is a mobile app that any clients you enroll in ProCoach can use to seamlessly connect to the platform from their Apple or Android device.

Q: What kind of support will I get?

A: Your success is our number one priority. Which is why we’ll provide the support you need to get the most out of ProCoach—every step of the way. Join Precision Nutrition’s in-house Supercoaches and 3,000+ ProCoach users in our exclusive Facebook community. Here you can get answers, offer support, troubleshoot specific coaching scenarios, and share your excitement—all in an awesome and supportive environment.

Also included: The ProCoach Learning Center. Through a searchable database of articles and instructional guides covering everything from how to set up your business model, to step-by-step instructions for using the software and curriculum (and a whole lot more), the Learning Center has you covered.

Q: Are there workouts included?

A: After working with thousands of ProCoach users to deliver comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle coaching, many began asking us to unlock our vault of expert-designed exercise programs so they can deliver a more holistic, single-platform experience.

As Precision Nutrition’s own coaching programs have offered integrated exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle advice for years, we decided to make our 28 client-proven exercise tracks for you to use with selected clients.

For an additional $49/month, you have the option to add ProCoach Workouts to your monthly ProCoach subscription. You can do this from your ProCoach dashboard, once enrolled in the program.

Q: I’m an international coach with clients all over the world. Can I still use ProCoach?

A: At this time, ProCoach is delivered in English only; so as long as your clients understand English, they can use the program.

Q: I run a fitness facility with multiple trainers. How can I get them all using ProCoach?

A: You’d simply sign each up for their own account. This keeps things really simple and avoids the unnecessary hassles of trying to create, manage, and price enterprise-type solutions.

Better client results. The ability to help more people. And a stronger business.

Powerful words. And true.

Imagine that for a second. For real…

  • What if you could confidently guide clients to incredible results and get that euphoric feeling of joy that comes with knowing you made a real impact on someone’s life… consistently and reliably?
  • What if you could wake up every morning and do what you love most: Connect with your clients and transform lives… while letting ProCoach automatically take care of all the other daily stuff that used to bog you down?
  • What if you could build a thriving coaching practice and maximize your earning potential… with a proven system that supports you now, and scales effortlessly as you grow?

What would that do for you? How would it change your business? Your fulfillment as a coach?

Your life?

With ProCoach, it’s all within your grasp.

We’ve figured out the tech, the software, and the research-based curriculum‚ so you don’t have to.

Step into total coaching confidence—and help your clients develop the habits they need for real, sustainable change.