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From Rimini to Malta – It’s time to move, I make you move

It all begun…

In 2008 I made my first entrance to the world of fitness: as an IT developer and ex-handball player I started to take Salsa classes, and after a night of dancing with Viki, I decided to go to the Rimini Wellness expo. The “fitness-ladies” there were just smiling when I bought my first Zumba® DVD-kit – that was when I learned about this sort of exercise. I had only one photo taken during that festival: with Beto Perez, the inventor of Zumba. There weren’t only good experiences though: someone broke into my car, and my Salsa CD-collection and kangoo-shoes were stolen. I didn’t have a copy of the CD-s, so I had to start everything fresh. Now you can download the Zumba ZIN DJ-app for IOS and to Android – a handful tool to Zumba® instructors to mix their own playlists and have it with them anytime.

Also in that year my first YouTube video was made:

And then the Zumba-hype started

2009: I got an email on Wednesday and by the weekend I was in Prague, participating in a B1 Zumba® instructor training. After that, I decided to organize the training in Hungary as well.

That year I went back to Rimini as a Zumba instructor – the video below pictures the crazy-colorful event, and you can also see Beto in it at 4.30.

In March 2010 the first Hungarian Zumba® Instructor training took place, with 18 Hungarian and 10 foreigner participants. I didn’t expect what followed: Marta Formoso ZES asked me to do another training in October as well. It was sold out in two weeks, I didn’t understand! The Zumba-hype has started…

Throughout the trainings 23 ZES’ (Zumba Instructor Specialists) visited Hungary. In 2012 Gina Grant came to Budapest and contributed to the biggest Hungarian Zumba® event ever so far.

The Hungarian Zumba® community

Since 2015 students of Testnevelési Egyetem (University of Physical Education) have been able to learn Zumba® as facultative course, organized by Yvette Csepela. This way the teachers-to-be can have an introspection to this method and include it’s philosophy in their classes later.

In the same year’s spring we had the first independent Zumba® festival in Hungary, with the contribution of Hungarian Zumba® instructors exclusively – it was named Happy Birthday Beto and has become a tradition thence.

In autumn the first ZIN-Day was organized, 130 instructors showed up in the event named Tschugether. Since than we’ve been through two successful Happy Birthday Beto events and this year hundreds of Zumba® instructors travelled to Rimini to meet Beto and experience the versatility of the fitness expo.

Future plans

After the first wave of enthusiasm around Zumba®, now only those remained in the Hungarian Zumba® instructor community, who are really committed to it – the “adventurers” have disappeared. The key of success is honest passion. Nowadays fewer people set the goal to become Zumba® instructors, therefore it’s more difficult to organize the trainings. There will be no more ZES’ coming to Hungary, the further instructor training courses will be held by Daniela Cesnekova, and Cintia Lukács will help her in translating and organizing.

There will also be an OKJ course for Zumba® instructors, in the leadership of Lilla Lente, student of the University of Physical Education.

I became a mentor to a program started by Zumba Fitness LLC – it’s a great pleasure that 58 ZIN members have chosen me from all around the world.

We are also getting ready for Happy Birthday Beto 2018. Here is  the program. The structure of the event has changed. This newly structured event will be introduced in other countries in 2018. Rome, Barcelona, Copenhagen and all the other EU cities, get ready. We are coming! It’s an honor that in 2018 Croatia will join the event: Slađana Pandžić, Maja Matiša and their team will follow the conception and experiences of Happy Birthday Beto, and due to them there will be a significant Zumba event in Croatia as well from now on.

Our new group at the University of Physical Education just registered for the half semester with dr. Yvette Csepela . Five of my respected friend instructors will share their way of “living” Zumba. Éva Dancs, Cinti Lukács, Lilla Lente, Eszter Szilágyi and Tamás Zsolnai (Thomas Dance). I can’t wait to meet this motivated young group, who wish to be a PE TEACHER!

Finally, handball is still an important part of my life:  a new method of online education in handball has been introduced for the Hungarian Coach Education Centre,

As one of my Zumba® guests, Katalin Fábián said: everything came together that didn’t belong together.

I’m writing these lines in Malta, this picture was taken on the 6th of January! – I can’t wait for the rest of the story 🙂

Time to Move, I make You Move

Béla Grundman


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