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Husband Illustrates Everyday Life With Wife In Pictures

If you’ve ever wondered how love looks like on cartoons here you go. An artist drew his own life sharing little parts and details with us. Don’t be surprised if you find quite a few similarities. Their last picture is worth the wait!

Weekend Vibes

What Curtis Wiklund wanted to show everyone how real love looks during boring weekdays. All those little gestures not only make you feel loved and appreciated but also make your days more special.

Some Place I’d Like to Be

Here is a little reminder now that Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. Of course is one of the loveliest days for couples but it’s important to love each other the same way any time throughout the years you are spending together.

Trip from IKEA

Relationships make an important part of our life. If we’re lucky enough we can find somebody who completely understands us and accepts us as we are. That’s what we are all looking for in our lives.

Comfort Zone

You don’t necessarily have to do something meaningful in order to enjoy each other’s company. You can be just lying on the couch watching something silly on the TV or staring out of your head, and still feel safe and comfortable.

Such a Wonderful Morning

Everyone knows the scenario when they feel the stupid smile is getting bigger and bigger on our face while watching our significant other. Meanwhile they just don’t understand what is happening and stare back like something is wrong with you.

Love Bugs

Love comes in many different shapes and forms just because you see something else in other’s life and relationships does not mean yours is wrong. People are not the same we do, say and think things in a slightly different way.


While arguing with your loved one is probably the worst things. Unfortunately, it happens sometimes, even in a healthy relationship. The point is not to go over the line and say something you’d regret later, and learn how to forgive quickly.

Constant Learning

During the time you spend and live together there are so many things you learn about each other. You know you’ve really fallen for them when everything they tell you makes you more and more interested.

What Should I Draw?

Helping feels necessary because you only want the best for your partner. You will learn a lot about your boundaries and what you are really capable of during your journey. Not everyone is able to give without anything in exchange.

Tough Times

We do it for its beauty and our happiness but relationships can be hard, too. Sometimes you got to fight for it, or suffer through something together. These times show the best how committed you are.

Nap Time

Falling asleep becomes so easy when you feel safe and sound. There is nothing in this world like seeing your lover after a long and tiring day. They motivate you and make you keep moving forward.

Time to Go to Bed

See, little things like this can be so meaningful. The most gets done when the other doesn’t see it and that’s better this way. When you have the right person they will give back to you what you deserve.

Fun Activities

It’s hard to appreciate something while you have it. We usually realize the importance of it only after losing it. That’s how life is, unfortunately.


Seriously, kisses never get old. They can mean so much: love, peace, happiness, affection, appreciation, forgiving.

Sleep Tight

You know, once get a taste of sleeping in the same bed with someone you love and feel their warmth, sleeping alone really sucks. Not to mention that the first thing you see and talk to in the morning is them.

We’re Pregnant

This illustration speaks for itself. Pregnancy is the most wonderful thing that could happen to a couple. A third person is joining your journey full of excitement and happiness


How about a quick jump to the present? From finding out that you’re pregnant to having two kids there is a really long way to go. No doubt, you will learn more things that you’ve ever did during that period.


And there’s a third baby on the way! Just right in time for a holiday trip to Florida. Who wouldn’t love a great family vacation leaving everything behind for a couple days or weeks and enjoy yourselves.


Bedtime Stories

Spending quality time with your children and wife cannot be compared to anything else. They say that the most valuable things in life are not being sold for a reason. Time to start digging and building yours!

Father and Son Moments

Your kids are growing so fast! You have to use every little moment you have with them because one day you’ll realize they have their own family, job and won’t have as much free time to spend it with you.

Waiting Room

When it comes to a problematic situation, who is the first you can ask for help? Even if it is just the need of comfort and emotional stability, our family is always there to make us feel better no matter what happened.

Late Night Snacks

When your wife is pregnant, you might notice that you slowly start to act like you are pregnant, too. Craving and eating all the snacks together, staying up and sleeping late. The problem is, you won’t have a good excuse for getting fat!

Christmas Is Coming

Holidays are the best when you have a family to share it with. Being home alone on Christmas Eve is not as fun as it seems in the movie with the 8-year-old Kevin McCallister. The message is clear, spend it with your family and relatives.

Attention From You

Explaining the caption, attention is not always a good sign and not everyone likes it. However, when it comes from the right person, you suddenly become greedy and want all of it. Don’t let attention out of your definition of love!

Short Goodbyes

You can see how much the artist loves his life by the amount of pictures he creates. Curtis actually has a whole book entitled to his loved ones. What a great gift idea by the way.

No Privacy

Since we are all human beings, we need some privacy from time to time. But there is a point when they become part of it and you kind of love it when they are all over you. It’s just another sign of how loved you really are.


Have you ever been able to enjoy somebody’s company without talking? Once you surround yourself with those who you love, you don’t have to worry about making small talk and try to fill the silence with unnecessary words.


The best things about kids is probably that you can relive your own childhood with them. Being a child for the second time is great; you play and learn a lot, and always having fun in a bigger company.

Wicked Love

Honestly, there is so much more behind the scenes. People try to influence your decisions and give you advice while they are not the ones participating in your relationship. You keep things hidden, simply because it is only your business, nobody has the right to say anything.


If an illustration could show what love is, this would be the exact picture. It’s not a photograph nor a professional painting, yet it gives you the right impressions about it. The biggest gift you could ever have is your family.


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What To Eat To Transform Your Body

We all know that attaining and maintaining a toned figure takes diet AND exercise, but are some foods and workouts superior to others? After researching all of the current claims about nutrition and fitness crazes, I have narrowed it down some tips to put you on a path toward more efficient fitness and a more toned you!

Let’s start with food. Different nutrients not only repair muscles from a tough workout but also make them more toned. We know that a diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables enhances your body’s capabilities, but some foods are more effective than others because of what they have in them. Check it out.

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Sok magyar fiatal túl sokat keres, én ennyi idősen pincérként dolgoztam a kézilabda mellett – Vranjes-interjú

Mindig optimista, mosolyog, de kíméletlenül őszinte. A világ egyik legjobb kézilabdaedzője azért jött Magyarországra, hogy fiatal válogatottat építsen a 2020-as olimpiára, ehhez úgy tűnik, néha a magyar szakmával is szembe kell mennie. 30 éve nem nyertek a férfiak érmet, le kell számolni az önámítással és a problémák szőnyeg alá söprésével – vallja a játékosként és edzőként is világklasszis Ljubomir Vranjes, a Veszprém és a férfi válogatott kapitánya.

Ha másokra hallgat, Ljubomir Vranjes soha nem lesz kézilabdázó. Alacsony termete miatt nem sokan hittek benne, hogy lesz keresnivalója a sportban, 166 centis magasságával Magyarországon biztosan eltanácsolták volna. Szerb bevándorlók gyerekeként már Svédországban, Göteborg külvárosában született, a helyi klubban kezdett el először játszani, hogy aztán akaraterejével és győzni akarásával mindenkire rácáfoljon: játékosként 164 meccsen 451 gólt szerzett a svéd válogatottban, világbajnok és háromszoros Európa-bajnok lett, spanyol és német klubokban játszott, a Flensburggal 2007-ben Bajnokok Ligája-döntőig menetelt. Maradt a klubnál, először mint segédedző, majd sportigazgató és vezetőedző, 2012-ben Kupagyőztesek Európa Kupáját, 2014-ben Bajnokok Ligáját nyert a csapattal, 2015-ben a világ legjobb edzőjének választották. A 2017 nyarán jött a Veszprémhez és a válogatotthoz, hogy a klubbal BL-t nyerjen, a válogatottnál pedig egy új, fiatal csapatot építsen és kivigye őket a 2020-as olimpiára. A 2018-as januári Eb-n győzelem nélkül zárt a válogatott, de hosszú távra építkezik, és nem fél konfliktust vállalni a szövetséggel sem, ha a sikerhez ez szükséges. Kézilabdáról, pénzről, politikáról, fiatalokról és Instagramról beszélgettünk vele.

Kérdezett: Sándor Krisztián, közreműködött: Bagi László

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WATCH: The Malta Fireworks Festival Is Back With A Bang With Three Major Spectacles

A taste of the fireworks season is coming early for fans: the 17th edition of the Malta International Fireworks Festival will be opening with a bang over three spectacular events in April. 
Celebrating the theme of ‘Where Fire and Culture Meet’, the fireworks extravaganzas will include feats that have never been seen before in Malta and Gozo.

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Let’s talk about Salsa!

With our new series, we’re bringing you everything you need to know about the rhythms you love to dance your heart out to in class. First up is salsa!

Where it’s from

Salsa came to be in New York City in the 1960s, thanks to thriving Puerto Rican and Cuban communities. Its roots are in Puerto Rican bomba and plena sounds as well as the Cuban mambo and cha cha cha.

Famous artists

True salsa junkies listen to classic artists like Celia Cruz, Eddie Palmieri, Oscar D’Leon, and anyone who was part of the Fania All-Stars. Today’s stars include Marc Anthony and Victor Manuelle.

Why we love it

Salsa music is perfect for either partner dancing or solo acts. Its one-of-a-kind sound comes from unique instruments like the conga (a tall drum), the guiro (which makes a scraping sound), and LOTS of cowbell!

Ready to brush up on your salsa moves? Let Beto Perez show you how it’s done!